I was born in the Dutch city of Venlo on October 29th 1952.
After four years of music school, I was, in a period totalling 20 years, member of several 'South of The Netherlands' based bands. I made two albums, on two separate occasions with two different bands. Also, I have been guest drummer at several studio sessions with Benelux Music Industries.
As well as drums/percussion, I also play some guitar and do a little keyboards and vocals.
Other musical interests: Computer sound design (an active role) and audio/video production.
My favourite music genres are Pop/Rock, ballads and Symphonic Rock.
Some of my favourite bands and singers include; U2, Brian Adams, Queen, Neil Young, and Krezip, and my favourite songs; The Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Rock and Roll Will Never Die by Neil Young.
Other hobbies I have are; flying in (preferably historical) aircraft and flying all kinds of other airplanes as a private pilot.
Favourite food: All kinds of Chinese food and Sushi... with lots of beer!
Biggest wish: Happiness and freedom for all people on earth.

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