I was born on September 25th 1955 in Lincoln, England
Began my singing career a few years later with the primary school choir. At the age of seven, I received my first literary recognition when a short musical verse I wrote was used in the school play...up to this present day, no payment has been received ;-)
I continued performing in choirs at each school I attended and even had the chance to become a cathedral choir boy, but, finding the white robe with frilled collar too uncool, plumped for football kit instead!
Later on in life, I performed in pubs and small theatres, sometimes without the help of Dutch courage :-)
Sang for over six years in another local band, Millennium Project.
As a lyricist, I try to portray all aspects of life and enjoy using double entente and word play
Along with Ed, an original members of SKVR Pop School band, Alter Ego (later to become Portus). 
I enjoy most types of music as long as it doesn't contain blaring trumpets or screeching female singers... or should that be the other way around?!
Some of my favourite artists include  The Beatles, The Moody Blues, The Temptations, David Bowie, Karen Carpenter, Pink Floyd, U2, Radiohead, and Eminem.
It's so difficult choosing just three favourite songs, but Paranoid Android by Radiohead, Breathe by Prodigy and Down in the Tube Station at Midnight by Jam, spring quickly to mind
My mouth starts watering at the sheer mention of sirloin steak, roast potatoes, garden peas, fried onion rings and gravy, or, fish and chips.
Liquid satisfaction comes from coffee, milk, strong ale, sweet cider, Bahco and good, old-fashioned, plain tap water!
Besides singing, I also enjoy writing lyrics, composing songs, graphic design, computering, playing football, swimming and watching good psychological thrillers.
Biggest wish: An end to racism... even after a few million years of evolution, some people still can't see the stupidity of it all!

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