I was born on February 20th, 1968, in the city of Wolfsburg, North Germany.   www.wolfsburg.de
Between the ages of 6 and 14: Sang in various school- and church choirs.
14-18 years old: Sang in church choir and City of Wolfsburg youth choir, and played in youth church band.
18-31 years old: Sang in another church choir and played in folk group with world wide repertoire. Aged 21; one year choir conducting training. From the age of 22; sang for nine years in oratorio choir (Wolfsburger Chorgemeinschaft).
From 31 years old onwards: Sang in yet another church choir, was guest choir singer and guest conductor in several choirs, sang in choir- and vocal ensembles projects www.gaudeamus.wo.ms/ and played the church organ as a guest player.
Apart from singing, I also play guitar, piano, percussion instruments, recorder and various types of flute.
Other musical activities of mine include an annual advanced music course, consisting of voice training, choir conducting, music and choir literature, choir master/presenter training, Gregorian Chant and organ playing.
My passive music pleasures are; listening to church music, Gregorian Chant, listening to other forms of music in general and going to the theatre, a musical or an opera.
I joined Portus in September, 2001, after my boyfriend, who has been performing in the band since 1999, asked me to join. In Portus, as well as singing, I play rhythm guitar, keyboard and percussion instruments. Since moving to Holland, making it to the rehearsals has become much easier!
My favourite music styles are Classical, Church music, Musical, Folk, Klezmer, Jazz, and Pop-Rock, whilst my favourite artists are Queen, 883, Genesis, Barbara Streisand, Marius Mueller Westernhagen, Debby Boone, Groenemeyer, Fabrizio de Andre, Baglioni, Cocciante and Van Veen.
My top three songs are, 'Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman', 'You Light up my Life' and 'Bella Senz' Anima'.
I enjoy good food in general! (Italian, Asian, German) and the drinks I find most pleasurable are South African wine, SEPPELS Obstler, Sneaky puff otter, Caipirina, Mineral water and fruit juice.
My other hobbies, outside of music include reading, travelling, sports (in-line-skating), dancing, cooking/baking and watching movies.
Italy links:    www.fmc.it/crosia/        www.abramo.it/service/abramotel/comuni/cosenza/mirto.htm
Biggest wishes:

Peace for the whole world and better living conditions for everybody.
Good health, a nice family, good friends and last but not least, an honest, sweet and good hearted partner.
Less selfishness, people to have an open heart and mind and finally, more helpfulness amongst people.

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